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About Us

Your gate to Export foods,  beverages, cosmetics and furniture from Turkey and Egypt

Why Marassi Group? 

* Because we have the experience of distribution and supply since 1996 since the founders of the company (the fathers)

* we have the ability to buy with the best prices from the factories directly and supply at the best prices to customers 

*we have a warehouse on an area of ​​4000 m2 ready with all foodstuffs and detergents always , ready to supply with fastest time 

*providing and supervising private label services with best price and best quality due to our agreements with more than 75 factories around the world 

* we have  Experience of supermarket supplies and wholesale companies

* suppliers of all basic commodities and international brands

* the possibility of preparing a shipment for up to 50 different products

*because we supply you for more than 10,000 products from more than 8 countries ( Turkey,  Egypt , Uae , India , Vietnam , Thailand , China , Saudi Arabia) 

* Because we provide you with the container at the best price and we supervise the loading of shipments to reach you in the best condition .


our vision is to increase our reachability to other countries as we guarantee the best service and price in the market

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